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About Michal Semela

I have worked in the digital space for over seventeen years, specializing in advertising, UX, UI, web, and product design.

My focus is on exploring new technologies and implementing design thinking to create effective and accessible designs. I have freelanced and contracted for businesses of all sizes, working for a wide range of clients and companies.

Designing is my passion, and my technical background allows me to understand how things should look, function, and feel for users. I have worked in advertising, design studios, digital studios, and on the client-side, developing products to meet their customers' needs.

I enjoy pushing digital boundaries and creating intelligent designs that are both beautiful and simple.

How I work

Often times, things begin with an idea or a client/customer need, depending on the problem that needs to be solved. I start by putting my thoughts on paper, then move on to whiteboarding and outlining the solution before designing it.

This is a simple yet effective process that covers everything from strategy to delivery, including all the steps in between.

  • Pen + Paper for ideation

  • Customer or user research and mapping stuff

  • Creating collaboration space in whiteboarding tool (FigJam)

  • Wireframes, prototype and design is happing in Figma

  • For website creation Webflow is my choice

  • Working closely with Developers and collaborate on final delivery with them


Over the years, I have collected a wide range of skills, and I love learning new tools, techniques while being open-minded.


  • Vision & Strategy

  • Journey Mapping

  • UX Flows

  • High-Fidelity UI Design

  • Website Design

  • Prototypes

  • Pitch-ready Concepts

  • Consulting


  • Sitemaps & Wireframes

  • Design Systems & Components

  • Website Design

  • Interactions & Motion

  • Webflow Development

  • Technical SEO & Analytics

  • Responsive Design


  • AI Powered Apps

  • Native Mobile Apps

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • SAAS Apps


  • No-Code development

  • Website Audits

  • Optimisation

  • Coaching

Creative & Marketing

  • Digital Art Direction

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Spatial Design Concepts

  • Branding Improvements

  • Social Media

Are we good match

  • Remote (worldwide)

  • Async collaboration and project managment

  • Great and transparent communication

  • Primary focus on Product (Apps and WebApps) and Website

  • Design Thinking approach

  • Want to work with nice people

  • Respect and transparency


  • Ad agency, digital studios and client-side experience

  • Wide range of skills (strategy, creativity, knowledge and visual)

  • Using modern tools (Figma, FigJam, Notion, Adobe, Loom)

  • Fully transparent PM on my side. See what’s happening and what I’m up to anytime, daily or weekly updates.

  • Focused on collaboration

  • Leadership experience

  • Creating and improving Design Systems & Kits


My approach to things is constantly changing and evolving. Bringing more fresh thinking into my designs and solutions.

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Michal was a great design partner in the team. I hired and worked with Michal at the Namecheap Cloud Design team for over a year. We collaborated on the product design of EasyWP and overall team processes. I always valued the pragmatism he brought to the work.

He keeps things simple, organized and clear. As I changed company, I trusted Michal to take the lead of the Cloud Design team and right away, he showed great skill in building relationships across the company, caring for the people in the team and advocating for customer-focused product.

— Igor Pascoal
Senior Product Designer at DuckDuckGo

Michal worked as a senior visual designer on a strategic project for one of New Zealand's leading brands. Michal did an excellent job on a demanding project, with tight timeframes and competing demands for his time. I was particularly impressed with Michal's professionalism and quality of output.

Throughout the project Michal was a calming presence, and he was a well respected member of the team. The quality of his outputs was also excellent. I really enjoyed working with Michal and hope we get to work together again in the future.

— Dan Pitcher
Director at Baringa Partners | Customer & Digital


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  • Professional Designer

  • Collaboration and leadership experience

  • Using modern design tools

  • Experience working with clients from all around the world