Stand out with modern Webflow websites that are fast and easy to manage.

Design and build a website within two weeks that informs, converts, and represents your brand. Start with the basics so you can grow with a modern and fast website.

Simple websites for forward thinking companies

Why I’m creating this

Building a website should be an easy and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, it has been a painful process for a very long time. I am here to change that. I have created a simple and effective process to deliver a great, modern website. It includes pre-built sections to help you create something unique and fast.

Creating a new website is just the beginning of the journey, not the end that you dread and never want to revisit.

Websites are never truly finished; they grow and evolve with your business.

Having a place on the internet under your own domain is magical. It's your own space, and you can play by your own rules. Let's bring this back and make your online space truly yours. Work with me to create something special just for you.

Design Focused

A design-driven approach to developing a website will ensure you build the right thing for the right audience. When launching the website, be sure to focus on both experience and functionality.

Easy to manage

Webflow is a great tool for building websites quickly and easily. It offers excellent support and an intuitive editor to help you keep your website up to date.

Build for speed

In today's fast-paced world, website speed is crucial. Ensure that your website loads information and images quickly on any device.

Guided approach

I want to assist people with their digital experiences and guide them through this process. I am planning to create a knowledge hub that will grow over time and contain useful guides and tips.

Examples of websites

Example of a restaurant website

Example of a travel website

Let's bring the fun back to building websites! I can build a section-templated website with a forward-thinking process and design in just two weeks.

Collect and organise

Content is one of the most important aspects of a website. I want to help ensure that your website has good content and useful assets.

Structure and Flows

Creating a clear structure and flow is important to help your visitors find the information they need and guide them to the right places, such as products, sign-ups, contact information, videos, and more.

Design and Build

Your website should reflect your business and brand, and have a great structure. With years of experience in creating websites, I understand what needs to be done to achieve this quickly.


Working on a website is an ongoing effort. It needs to be regularly updated and should grow as your business does. I am here to help you with this process and guide you to ensure that you are creating the right thing.


EasyWP Desktop Screen

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EasyWP Wizard main image showcase pricing plans

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What's included:

Overview of things which are part of the package.

  • Up to 5 static pages

  • OR 3 static pages and 1 dynamic page

  • Templated approach to sections

  • Two weeks build

  • Gorgeous high-end design

  • Webflow editor

  • Lightning fast page speed

  • Fully mobile responsive

  • Basic SEO optimization

  • Design and digital guides


Basic Webflow

$7,999 NZD ($5,499 USD)

In just two weeks, you can have a great website on Webflow that's ready to grow and convert, just like your business.

Limited availability