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The website redesign simplifies how information is displayed, and it's built on Webflow to be fast and easy to manage. You'll find everything you need to stay up-to-date, from detailed lab reports to upcoming sessions and events.

Chi Studios
Webflow Designer
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Process & experience

Build on Base Website with Webflow package to create a website, and it only took me three weeks to complete it. I collaborated with a team in different time zones, including the USA and NZ. Together, we developed an exceptional website that is ready for future growth.

We started with a workshop to organise our content and determine what is necessary to communicate to our clients and potential customers. From there, we began working on design and development, which are closely linked when building with Webflow. We have carefully considered all aspects of each of my Webflow package projects with the help of comprehensive guides prepared beforehand.

Working asynchronously using Basecamp, Figma, and Webflow has completely transformed how I create and design. Everything is transparent and readily accessible in one place, allowing us to build quickly - in just a few weeks instead of months. Flexibility and speed are essential in the digital age, and it's always possible to make changes later.

The outcome

Working closely with the team at Chi Studios has been a fantastic experience. They gave me valuable feedback and resources, which helped me deliver the best outcome.

They now have an exceptional website they can effortlessly update and customise according to their needs. They are establishing a unique presence authentically representing the company in today's digital world.

Chi Studios has a new platform for communication and showcasing information, events and lab reports. Their website is now connected with Hubspot CRM to track potential clients and grow their business.