What I do

The digital space is always changing, and we need to change with it. Things are going faster than ever, and with every new technology, you need a partner who understands the market and evolves with it to bring fresh ideas and solutions that help your brand push for the next level.

How I work

Often times, things begin with an idea or a client/customer need, depending on the problem that needs to be solved. I start by putting my thoughts on paper, then move on to whiteboarding and outlining the solution before designing it.

This is a simple yet effective process that covers everything from strategy to delivery, including all the steps in between.

Things I use

—  Pen + Paper for ideation
—  Customer or user research and mapping stuff
—  Creating collaboration space in whiteboarding tool (FigJam)
—  Wireframes, prototype and design is happing in Figma
—  For website creation Webflow is my choice
—  Working closely with Developers and collaborate on final delivery with them

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table.

Product Design — together with human-centred design, delivering practical and inspiring designs that meet customer needs and enhance everyday experiences. With technical expertise and creative approach, I can help you create a new product or refine an existing product.

Vision & Strategy
Journey Mapping
UX Flows
High-Fidelity UI Design
Pitch-ready Concepts
AI Powered Apps
Native Mobile Apps
Progressive Web Apps

Website Design — is helping brands engage with users and stay relevant through immersive experience. With a focus on purposeful design, I create engaging experiences that make the most of devices and screens.

UX Design
Website & Mobile Design
Sitemaps & Wireframes
Monitoring & Optimization
Design Systems & Components
Interactions & Motion
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence
Base SEO & Analytics

Webflow — is a modern website builder that is user-friendly and customizable. Customizing your website can be a daunting task, with changes taking forever, plugins failing, and difficulty in comprehension. Why not try Webflow?

No-Code development
Website Audits
Strategy & Direction
Custom Builds
Client-First Framework
Fast & Easy to manage websites

Design systems — are essential for creating a brand that can grow limitlessly while maintaining its unique identity. I specialize in building digital-first, interactive, and scalable design systems to ensure consistent brand identity across all platforms.

Component Systems
Color Systems
UI Kits
Strategy & Approach

Web3 — incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. The web is constantly evolving, and we need to be ready for what's next. User experience will be more important than ever before.

DeFi Apps
Mobile Apps
AI Apps

Mixed Reality (MR) — combines real-world and computer-generated environments. Physical and virtual objects can interact in real-time. As new devices emerge, it's important to be ready for the rise of mixed reality technology.

Creative Concepts
Mixed Reality Desing
Spacial Design
Web Apps


Find out what my clients have to say about me. Take a look at my testimonials below.

Michal is a terrific designer/dev combo. He works hard and fast, is perhaps the most communicative external team member I've ever worked with, and was a huge help when needs and challenges arose unexpectedly.

A great choice for any UX/UI needs.

— Graydon Gordian
Head Of Marketing at Fractal Software

Not only did Michal build a beautiful and effective website for my company, but he did it in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) of other web developers/designers.

Perhaps most importantly, however, Michal provided us with a site that is very easy to edit, tweak or redesign as our company grows, as our product changes, etc. (we can make these changes ourselves).

I would strongly recommend Michal to anyone looking to build an effective and dynamic web presence.

— Ben Bellamy
Founder and CEO at Chi Studios

Michal was a great design partner in the team. I hired and worked with Michal at Namecheap Cloud Design team for over a year. We collaborated on the product design of EasyWP and overall team processes. I always valued the pragmatism he brought to the work.

He keeps things simple, organized and clear. As I changed company, I trusted Michal to take the lead of the Cloud Design team and right away he showed great skill in building relationships across the company, caring for the people in the team and advocating for a customer focused product.

— Igor Pascoal

Senior Product Designer at DuckDuckGo

Michal brings a thoughtful approach to design, he takes the time to understand your thinking on design, the borders of it and where you want it to go.

This has time and time again, produced great work, that has helped us move faster and deliver more effective product. When we have a meaty design challenge we can't solve, we go to Michal.

— Ben Young
CEO at Nudge

Few companies and places I worked for

BBDOSatchi&SatchiDentsuCatch DesignYoundShandFonterraKiwi PropertyMercuryNamecheapBackyard Care