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BVA Group — A company is exporting fresh produce from New Zealand to the world through this website, allowing them to reach potential buyers globally.

BVA Case Study imageBVA Case Study image
BVA Case Study imageBVA Case Study image

Process & experience

Working with the Department on this website has been a great experience. Based on BVA branding, they needed a simple and informative website for potential clients. This project had a short turnaround, and we needed to create something with a great user experience and strong branding presence.

We delivered a nice-looking website with main information about their products and an easy way for people to contact them. The website has also been optimised for mobile devices to be fully responsive.

BVA Case Study image
BVA Case Study image

The outcome

The client has been very satisfied with the outcome and speed of delivery. The project went smoothly, and all interactions with the developers were great. The optimisation and speed of the website are also excellent.

Sometimes, the client just needs something simple and fast. Optimisation and other improvements can be made in the future with more information and feedback from the clients.