EasyWP — Refer a Friend

One of the main things to help spread the word about EasyWP gives our customers an easy way to share and recommend our platform to their friends. We also give them a free month if their friends sign up, and their friends will get a free month as well.

Company: EasyWP
Role: Product Designer
Platform: Web Application

Process & experience

We knew we wanted to improve the experience for our users and how and where they can share. We have a look into heat maps and user testing to get better insights into this section.

We got info on what people clicking on and where they spend time. Based on this, we start creating new flows and designs. Part of this is also a section on how customers can redeem their free months. This was simplified so they could benefit from their recommendation.

the outcome

Overall we improve the experience and the number of people who share. This was built as a stepping stone for future expansion for our customers so that they can share more effortless than ever.