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SSL encrypts the connection between your website and its user's browser. The added security layers prevent data breaches for websites large and small and protect user privacy. Adding a Free SSL option for our clients has been a great feature to ensure websites are secure. Overall improvements to adding SSL to their website has also been improved.

EasyWP SSL - Diagram

Process & experience

We want to give our customers better security. Our customers could already upload SSL certificates, but we want to make it even easier for them. We also introduced FreeSSL for people who are using Namecheap domains.

We improved uploading custom SSL step by step to easy understanding what customers need to do. For FreeSSL, users just needed to select it and save it. That's it.

EasyWP SSL - Screen
EasyWP SSL - Screen

The outcome

It's easier than ever for users to add SSL and have a secure website. Customers with Namecheap domains get even free ones. So good to see customers give us good feedback and like new features.