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EasyWP — Onboarding Wizard

One of the most critical parts of our platform is the way to sign up. We want to make it easier than ever to create a website. Right now, it's easy to create a website in 90 seconds.

Company: EasyWP
Role: Product Designer
Platform: Web Application

EasyWP Wizard main image showcase pricing plans

Process & experience

We looked deep into our flow and reviewed how our customers sign up. We started working on flows and mockups. We brainstorm ideas with our wider team and test our assumptions.

updatingWe created a prototype and tested our new flows and design. We learn from testing and update our new designs. We still have more to come in the future, but we have an excellent base for future expansion.

EasyWP Wizard - Wireframes
EasyWP Wizard - Screen
EasyWP Wizard - Screen
EasyWP Wizard - Screen
EasyWP Wizard - Screen

The outcome

New Wizard is more consistent and easier to use. We have fewer people drop off, and people are happier.It was a big project for me, and I'm super excited about what we as a team deliver and created for our customers.