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Content Marketing measurement solution that is standard in content measurement and intelligence. I was asked to improve their website to look more clean, modern and professional to attract more potential clients.

Company: Nudge
Role: Web Designer
Platform: Website

Process & experience

We included the client, designer, and developer from day one to achieve the best results possible. The whole team has been remote between Auckland, London, New York and Hawaii. We needed to be on the same page all the time.

designedI like to work with talented people who are passionate about what they do, and our team was. The project was running smoothly, and all things have been designing in mind for future expansion.

We brainstormed our vision, wireframe and prototype user flows and then worked on a style guide to have a strong foundation. The last thing was a user interface, and after that, I worked with a dev to polish designs.

Nudge - Sitemap
Nudge - Styleguide
Nudge - Screen
Nudge - Wireframes
Nudge - Screens
Nudge - Mobile

The outcome

I'm pleased with the result which we achieved, and we got great feedback from Nudge clients. It's a significant step forward for the brand and its future.

thatNudge now drives value and scale through the content process for 1,200+ brands and 940+ publishers. I couldn't be more proud to help improve their website, so finding information and reading articles about native advertising and their excellent product is more accessible.