Spring Sheep — Website

This small-scale website is for a leading sheep milk company in New Zealand. It features a video background and is fully responsive with animation.

Company: Department
Role: Web Designer
Platform: Website

Process & experience

We want to continue creating the best experience for the brand, just as we did with the product website that promotes sheep milk. This has been successful, and we are now aiming to take the corporate website to the next level. We aim to create a nice place where clients can showcase what they are up to and find potential investors.

To achieve this, we are striving to keep the website clean and modern, making it easy to use so that people can easily find the content they need. Our goal is to create an experience that people will love.

the outcome

The website serves as an online representation of the company, providing customers and potential clients with an interactive platform that showcases the company's products and services. As an integral component of the company's brand identity, the website plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining the company's online presence and reputation.